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Available Adults

Occasionally we have older puppies or dogs available for placement to new homes.  These are dogs that have grown up in the house and are either retired from the show ring and/or from breeding.  They will be placed on a spay/neuter agreement prior to leaving and on the same "contract" as our puppies for health matters and rehoming.  There will be a "placement fee" that will vary depending on the age of the dog.  

Updated:  13 August 2023

I have two breeder friends who have older puppies available to the right homes.  Both were held back as show potential and while they did not pan out for the show world, they will make perfect companions for the right families.  Both are around 16 months of age.   Both breeders are requiring these Corgis to go to homes with fenced yards and preferably another dog for company.  Homes with older kids (or younger kids used to dogs) are welcome to apply. 

Please email for more information..

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